Tuesday, September 30, 2008
like most people i know, if i am up late enough to see it i am probably out on the town.. so here it is!
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bad start, good day
i came into the office just after 7:30 this morning and started my daily download for my insurance business. about 3/4 of the way through i noticed that my mouse was getting finicky. by the time i was done with the download and starting to read e-mail, my mouse froze and then my keyboard did the same thing. so by 8:10 i was off to office max for a new cordless mouse and keyboard. so far i love the mouse, it is much better than my old one although my old one was one of the first ones ever sold! the keyboard i am not so sure about, it is quite compact, i almost feel like i am typing in a tuna can or something. it is nice however to have all of the markings on the keyboard, not the over used thing that i had. at least i can work now!!!
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Sunday, September 28, 2008
busy sunday
today is going to be very busy and a lot of fun. at 1:00 today i am expecting 16 women for a tastefully simple party. i went to one a few weeks ago at my sister-in-laws and just fell in love with their products. last night i baked two loaves of beer bread (1 wheat, 1 white), made two cheese balls and four dips. today i have baked a chocolate pound cake and have yet to make a pot of creamy wild rice soup. we will be drinking a prickly pear punch and a mixed berry rum punch.

early this evening i will be meeting kathryn and jason here for dinner at which time i will finally get to meet kathryn's in-laws. i have wondered what this would be like for a very long time now and i am very excited. i want to be sure to tell them how much i love their son and what a wonderful man he is.
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Saturday, September 27, 2008
a legend dies
i was so sad when i heard about this legend dying. when i was in the 5th grade we lived in malibu and i remember meeting him when he came to our motel to rent a room so that he could shower after shooting a movie on the beach across the street.
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Thursday, September 25, 2008
todays headline
one of the headlines in todays paper..."bush:economy is in danger". do you think?
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
as if...
yeah, as if we didn't already know.
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Monday, September 22, 2008
the final update
i canceled my subscription with e-Harmony today. After three months I found it a waste of time and money.
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a true friend is...
a true friend is one that offers to come and sit with you when you are down in the dumps and having a drink to forget. a true friend is one that calls on a sunday morning and says get ready i am picking you up for a girls day out. i happen to have both.
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Saturday, September 20, 2008
congrats to my great niece alexis who crossed over the bridge from daisy to brownie last night.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008
lesson learned part 2
yesterday afternoon i went back to ulta to return the items i had purchased on wednesday. The girl at the register told me that she would need to get a manager to do the return, so i stood and waited. finally a manager comes over and asks what i need and i explained that i just wanted to return my purchase, when she asked why, i told her about my experience at the cash register and that i had ordered the items over the internet and saved $13. She was in disbelief when the items that i said were $4 on the internet rang up as $10 because she said they were on sale. also, come to find out that one of the lip glosses i bought was a tester...who was to know. low and behold i got a full refund and the girl at the register (the same one from wednesday) was spoken to right then and there by the manager.
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speaking of still a pig...

i found this picture that was taken in Florida and thought it was a classic!
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its still a pig
john mccain said and barack obama repeated, "you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig".
i am just happy that some people are not falling for his crap, hopefully more voters will wise up.
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lesson learned
yesterday i did a search at ulta.com for a couple of items that i wanted. i ended up going into the store and purchasing them and was surprised that two of the items i bought rang up at $10 each, i mentioned to the girl behind the counter that i had seen them on the internet at $4 each. Her reply to me was simply that $10 was the price. i should have gotten a clue right then and there since i had just waited in line for over 5 minutes when they had 2 registers open and 6 people behind the counter. when i got home last night i went back on to their website and repurchased the same three things that i had just bought in the store and saved just over $13 and i got free shipping. today i will be going back to the store and returning the items purchased yesterday. from now on i thing i will just shop the internet when it comes to this store; you don't have to wait in line, items are in stock, there is no irritation.

btw, great game pink sox!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
my daughter taught me to eat breakfast a few years ago when she taught me to read food labels! since then i have been eating cheerios for breakfast almost every morning because they are the lowest in sugar and carbs of all the cereal brands (trust me i have read every label). well, now i have found a new favorite cereal. this is the yummiest and still very healthy cereal that i have had in eons! and to think that i only i bought it because i had a 75 cents off coupon (you can get yours from this site).
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Sunday, September 14, 2008
the women
i went to the movies today, something that i have not done since sex and the city came out. i saw the women. i like going to see chick flicks because you can laugh until you almost pee, cry until you have no more tears and nobody notices! well this is one funny movie and meg ryan was brilliant throughout the movie, debra messing was fabulous in the labor room scene. i had read on the internet that the movie only received a 2 star rating and so that leads me to believe that it was rated by a man. the theme of the movie is that while relationships may come and go girlfriends are there forever no matter what. so grab your best friend and head to the movies you won't be sorry!

ps. to my girlfriends...i love you!
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Saturday, September 13, 2008
1st game

today was the first game of the season for the pink sox so it was a very exciting day for everyone. my niece chrissy plays third base and did a fantastic job. all of the players looked so cute in their uniforms! their next game will be wednesday night. go pink sox!

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Friday, September 12, 2008
it's friday
this has been one of those weeks when i can say that i REALLY agree with TGIF. I have been stressed since monday, have hardly slept, and have a HUGE fever blister on my top lip to prove it!
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Tuesday, September 09, 2008
where did this come from?
so this morning, just like every other morning, i opened my closet and looked for something to put on. i grabbed a hanger with an olive green colored top, looked at it and said out loud, "where did this come from?" i have not been shopping in about a month and truly do not remember buying it (usually when i buy something new i want to wear it right away). it's really cute, think i will wear it later today when i run to the office!

for the last couple of months i have been feeling strange things happening around me. like last month when the cleaning system for my pool was not working, i called my pool man out and there was a lever on the system that had been changed...i had not done it. the clock for my outside lights changed, i don't think i did it. and know i find this new top in my closet; i know damned well that there is no clothing fairy! i wonder if there is a jewelry fairy.

update: i put on the top and decided that it was too cute to wear to the office, i am saving it until i go out this weekend!
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Thursday, September 04, 2008
not sure
after last night i am not sure whether i can watch mccain tonight or not. the news is reporting that his speech will not be as tough as rudy and sarah's were. maybe if i don't look at the tv. i just don't want to lose the dinner i just ate and i feel really creepy when i find myself yelling obscenities at the tv.

so now it is just after 8:00 pm, i managed to sit through mccain's entire speech and only yelled at the tv a couple of times. prior to the speech there was an 8 minute bio movie in which "prisoner" or "POW" were mentioned four times in less than 3 minutes. there were more blacks in the film than in the audience (2 men 1 woman at the convention). some comments that i thought were interesting: he thanked bush for leading us and keeping us safe...leading us into a deficit or a war that had nothing to do with us? do our soldiers think they are safe? what about all of the soldiers who have lost their lives? mccain said "i have the record and the scars-obama doesn't", does no one stop to think about the huge age difference? i do give some credit; he mentioned that he wants to "stop sending billions to countries that don't like us much". I noticed a lot of signs that said "straight talk", was that to remind us about the way he feels about gays and lesbians? at one point he said, "i work for you", my response is "you are fired". at the end of his speech he talked about how he refused to go home as a POW because the 1st captured should have been the first to leave; ok so he's a war hero. but then he said, "i fell in love with the usa when i was a POW"...guess he didn't care until he was forced to.

one of my first things to do tomorrow...buy a hairbrush and mail it to cindy.
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happy birthday jenny!
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Wednesday, September 03, 2008
grandma to the 2nd power
yep, i became a grandma again today....heres niles!
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turned it off
i turned on the republican convention tonight because i was interested in hearing sarah palin. after just a few minutes of rudy giuliani, i had to turn it off, there was nothing but negativity. and since when is rudy a stand up comic? after a while i turned the tv back on, sarah had just started her speech, it started off with her talking about her kids and husband which is nice since no one knows much about her. it seems like she must really like nature and school; she names her kids track, trig, willow, bristol (named after a bay in alaska) and piper. proof positive that some women are just given too many drugs during child birth. so after about 15 minutes or so i had to shut sarah off because she started to sound just like giuliani and i think that there has been more than enough negativity. now i can hardly wait for november so that all of this crap can finally end. i approved this message and God bless the united states or at least the democrats.

footnote: someone should tell mccain's mother where she was.
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
i'm so dizzy
i was just sitting and watching a news report with kati couric at the republican convention. kati was interviewing two staunch republicans who are swearing that sarah palin has more experience in washington than obama....these people are so busy trying to spin everything that i literally turned the tv off. what the hell kind of drugs are these people on?
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the long weekend
not much to tell, it was nice and relaxing, i personally think everyone should get at least one long weekend each and every month. petition anyone?
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