Wednesday, September 27, 2006
big brother in your mouth
big brother is always looking over someone's shoulder but this is ridiculous.
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happy 53rd birthday vicky!
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Monday, September 25, 2006
friday night vicky and i went to see my brother-in-law (miss frankie) perform at a gay bar called flex. this is definately one of the dumpiest places i have ever been but any and all money given as tips goes for charity.

saturday was our drive (almost 3 hours) to apple valley to spend the day with my nephew gary and his wife. we had a wonderful time and even got to see vicky's step father who i had not seen in close to 40 years. it was a fabulous time for all.

sunday was the day to straighten up the house, go to the market, and cook because by 4:30 i had friends and family drinking, eating and i hope enjoying. i personally had tooooooooo many margaritas. i haven't done that in years and today i remember why!

so today it is back to the old grind but still on limited hours since vicky is still here until next monday.
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Friday, September 22, 2006
so i haven't blogged for a few days
yep, it has been a few days. my niece vicky flew in from northern california on tuesday so that she could spend her birthday in las vegas (she turns 53 next wednesday). i have been working limited hours so that i could spend as many hours as possible with her; we have not seen each other since this time last year. prior to last year we had not seen each other in over 30 years! so, we have been going to lunch, goung to dinner, cooking at home, gambling, but most of all talking. tomorrow morning we are going to drive into southern cali to see vicky's brother gary and his new wife robin (they live in apple valley). vicky has not seen gary in about 3 years and the last time i saw him it was the early 1990s. close family huh? sunday a few friends and family (current and ex) will be coming over for a bar-b-que and margaritas. all in all, this should be a perfect weekend to relax and enjoy!
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Friday, September 15, 2006
murphy leave me alone!
so something else has now gone wrong. every year around this time i have a company come out and check my air and heating units (i have a contract for yearly check-ups). last september i had to have a new air unit installed (i still had the original from 1996), now i need a new heater because the motor is not working properly. the good news, because i keep a maintenance agreement on the units, they will install a new heater, clean the ducts and extend my maintenance contract for another four years for $2880. plus i get 6 months same as cash and they will be here next wednesday. looks like i will be keeping this house for a while!
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memorial or concert?
this sounds more like there is going to be a concert than a memorial service. they showed this on the news last night, people had been camping out on the sidewalks just waiting and hoping for tickets. i just don't get it. and as for the woman who is "looking forward to it", i'm sorry, that's just sick.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
oh happy day
gone (at least for a while) are the $3 a gallon gas prices in las vegas. while i have been paying about $2.85, this morning i lucked out and paid on $269. a while ago i went out on a errand and saw a gas station where gas is only $265. still i long for the good old days when we bitched and moaned because gas was 90 cents!!!!
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
doctors ugh
so i went to the doctor today just like i do every three months. my appointment was at 9am (i always insist on the first appointment of the day), i got there at 8:45. at 9:35 i finally got put into an exam room. why the wait? the nurse had to do an ekg...what the hell? i HAD the first appointment. anyway, my a1c is so low now (non-diabetic reading) that i get to wean myself off of one med! i am to cut it in half for two weeks and if i am feeling ok i can stop taking it all together!!! on the other hand, three months ago i had a lab test done for my thyroid, it showed that i was on the very high end of normal. today, the doc finally admitted that i should be on a med for that. she actually admitted that it is probably my thyroid that is causing me to gain pound after pound (it certainy couldn't be what i am eating...slim fast for breakfast, lean cuisine for lunch, lean meat and vegies for dinner).i will be going to the pharmacy right after work today so hopefully i will see some of this disgusting fat fall off within the next few weeks. in the mean time, no more new clothes for me.
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Monday, September 11, 2006
it's getting lower!!!
every three months my doctor makes me go to the lab to have my A1C level checked due to my diabetes. at the end of june my level was at 5.9 and on july 13th my doctor changed and reduced my meds. i was so happy but frightened at the same time that my level would go up and she would need to change my meds again. i just got this months lab results....5.3! i see the doctor tomorrow and can hardly wait to see the look on her face when i hand her the results :)
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Friday, September 08, 2006
a mothers love
how sad is this?
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almost like a 3 day weekend
yep, here it is friday and i am not in my office; i am sitting at home waiting for my gardner so that i can have him install my new sprinkler clock (before i kill all of my grass!). i am hoping to be in the office by 11:30 or so but then i have a 1:00 appointment for a hair cut. gee, i wonder if i will get any work done today at all?

ooh, best buy just called and my new tv should be delivered between 10 and noon tomorrow! i never thought i could/would miss having a tv, guess i can be wrong after all :).
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Thursday, September 07, 2006
i hate the number 3
why is it that only bad things come in 3's? i bought new appliances because my dishwasher went out 1 1/2 weeks ago, somethime last week my sprinkler clock went out but i did not know about it until the weekend and last night the tv died. as kath would say, "what the hell???"
so there goes another $400 ish..($50 for the sprinkler clock, $299 plus tax and delivery for the tv).
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
the long long weekend
i had to work from home last friday but didn't get much accomplished. the sunday before i went and ordered all new kitchen appliances and they were delivered last wednesday. the stove and microwave went in beautifully but the fridge was about 1/8 of an inch too tall and the dishwasher couldn't be installed because of a supposed plumbing problem. i called my handyman and he said he would be at the house on friday by 11:30 and finish the installation of my appliances. well at 10:30 friday morning i got a call from the handyman saying he was on his way to colorado. i got frantic since i was having a pampered chef party saturday morning! after calling four other men i finally got a zz top reject to come to the house to take care of everything. by 3:30 friday my kitchem was gorgeous. friday evening was spent with five year old chrissy glued to my side, i had long forgotten how wonderful it can be having a young child in the house.

saturday morning was the pampered chef party and it was great. actually randi was great. the party went so well that i got a full set of cookware at 50% off!!!!!! now my new kitchen will really be complete. saturday afternoon was for relaxing and boy did i need it.

sunday afternnon i was off to "nana's" house to spend the day with my girlfriend mel, hubby doug, three great kids and the mother-in-law (aka nana). we bar-b-qued, swam and had a wonderful time. by the time i got home i could barely stand up; boy those kids REALLY wear me out!

monday was sleep and watch movie day...murder at 1600 (an oldie but i truly enjoyed it).
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