Tuesday, February 28, 2006
i knew this day did not feel right
if you think you are having a bad day today, check this out and see what else has happened on this same date.
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Thursday, February 23, 2006
question, part 2
so, my 9:00 appointment shows up at 10:25. this time he has his federal id number with him but tells me that he doesn't have a checking account for his bussiness. i have been telling this guy since monday that i need a check at the time the policy for his truck is written. why do i put up with this?
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why do people bother to make an appointment with someone and then not bother to keep it or show up late and not call in either instance? example, i had an appointment with a client monday at 9:30, he shows up just before 10:00 and was not prepared to do what needed to be done. this guy has a "business" and needs commercial insurance for a pick-up truck. he shows up unannounced yesterday morning while i was meeting with another client and i explain that he needs an appointment, he agrees to come back in at 2:00. he finally shows up at 2:45 and still did not have the things necessary for the appointment. we reschedule for this morning at 9:00 and i ask him not to be late since my time is valuable and he told me he would be here by 8:30 and wait on me. i asked him to call before 9:00 if he could not make the appointment. has he shown up or called? hell no. this is the last appointment this guy will get from me.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
no sugar but still yummy
last night i attended a diabetic cooking class at a local kitchen store. the class consisted of three chicken dishes and a wonderful carrrot cake. of course the cake did not have all of that sweet cream cheese frosting on it, instead the 8x8 cake was dusted lightly with powdered sugar. the woman teaching the class was at one time a biochemist, after marrying a diabetic she decided to get into cooking. while she may be a really good cook and know quite a lot about diabetes, she is ANYTHING but a teacher! she can't talk and put a dish together at the same time! she is however going to teach a different diabetic class each month and holds several classes a month on all different subjects. most of the classes are free, some of them cost $10, any kitchen tool used in the class is offered at a 10% discount.

bottom line...the food was good, i got the recipes, a diabetic dessert book and something that i have wanted for years....a set of four stainless steel mixing bowls.
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Monday, February 20, 2006
just because cupid is late...
my valentine's evening was spent at home with my dogs because my honey always works until 8 pm on tuesday nights. this is just something that you get used to even though you may not like it. to make up for it, on saturday we spent the evening lounging in front of the tv watching a stupid movie after having a nice home made dinner for a change and all of a sudden my honey brings out a blood pressure monitoring unit and gives it to me. he knows that i have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure and he wants "to make sure it gets and stays under control". he then proceeded to take my blood pressure to show me how to use it! some people may think this is stupid but i thought it was sweet because it shows me that he cares. tomorrow i get the rest of my gift, he is paying to have the windows in my new car tinted! thanks cupid!!!!!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
and in the top news.....
this is just so rediculous. with everything that is going on in this world an idiot makes the headlines.

by the way, do you know what crabs and osama bin laden have in common? they both irritate bush.
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love is in the air
happy valentine's day everyone. here's hoping that your day is filled with fun and love!
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Monday, February 13, 2006
getting high, a sign of the times
yep, getting high....i sign of old age. high cholesterol, high glucose, high blood pressure. all of this diagnosed and announced to me late friday afternoon...just before my dinner date; yuck. got taken out for sea food; everything on the menu had potatoes, rice or pasta all of which i can nolonger have. ended up eating a chicken cesar salad and drank iced tea since i was told "no more alcohol". damned doctors; we pay them so that we can be miserable. i must admit, the salad was good but my dates pasta with lobster looked REALLY GOOD!

saturday was a really great time as i saw something and heard several things that i never even dreamed of. my best friend's daughter was turning 5 and asked to have a tea party for her birthday. i saw six little girls (ranging from 2 1/2 to 7) dressed up in pretty dresses, nice shoes, hats and gloves. i heard things like, "i'm so glad that you were able to come today", "rachel you look so pretty", "would you like to have more tea". after the lucheon was over it was time to open presents and that is when i heard, "oh thank you, i just love it"!!!!! the most amazing part is to imaging these little girls eating and drinking from 100 year old china and not breaking a thing!
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
dollars and cents
i got home last night to find a nice little surprise in the mail, a check for $75. a couple of months ago i agreed to join a research test team, well i had some blood tests come back weird and i got thrown out. i still got the best end of the deal: a complete physical at no cost and $75!

today started out lousy, i had a regional meeting in which i found out that it was going to cost me about $3,000 more a year to do business. but then i got to the office and in the mail was a check for $449 that i did not expect. just after that my postage meter showed up! i also now have a fridge in the office and bottled water chilling (thanks kath for your muscles and yes i had help carrying it from the car to the office). i also scored a free dash mat for my new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!! things sure are looking up :)
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
too funny
lisa had a post the other day about how funny last night's airing of two and a half men was going to be. i always watch this show because it makes me laugh but last night's show had me laughing so hard that i almost pee'd and i started to lose my voice. it was so nice to see another side of both charlie and alan. if you haven't seen this show before check it out next monday, i promise you will laugh.
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Thursday, February 02, 2006
whether you are a homeowner or a renter, if you have an insurance policy that covers your personal property and/or your home, please make sure that you sit down with your insurance agent annually to review your policy.

all homeowner and renters policies have an "inflation guard" in them which automatically causes the coverage (and premium) to go up every year. DO NOT BE CHEAP! no policy can possibly keep up with the inflated costs of rebuilding a home let alone the fact that we obtain more and more "stuff" every year.

on christmas night one of my adopted clients had an electrical fire in his house. he and his family were not home so they are fine but the house was reduced to ashes. the agent who originally wrote the policy failed to review it on a regular basis. while the house was insured for just over $727,000 the estimate to rebuild the home just came in at $1.15 million.

PLEASE call you insurance agent and request an appointment for a policy review.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
other financial news
check this out.
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how screwed is this?
i just got a 1099 in the mail for $46.00 from a company i made one sale for. jeesh people, you really don't need to send them for less then $500.
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