Wednesday, March 30, 2005
three's company
yep, it has finally happened! denis left yesterday morning for california and now the house is quiet, just the three of us; me and the two dogs! i have started to call them jack and chrissy.

the last three days or so were very hard. denis told me this weekend that he would be "leaving for cali this week" and then monday afternoon he called me on my cell to say that he would be leaving tuesday. imagine a man who is 61 years old, ups and quits his job, moves to california to live with his mom all because i finally had the balls to put the house up for sale and tell him that i wanted to live on my own. everything happened so fast that i felt like dorothy in the wizard of oz!

anyway, on to the bright side of things...i actually went to work yesterday for all of about two hours or so and then went home to begin my new life. i started by cleaning out part of the garage, doing laundry and just throwing shit out!

kathryn left work at noon and came and took me out to lunch and proceeded to spend the entire day with me. i have always known that she loves me and worries about me but she was really something yesterday. all mothers should be as blessed as i am. kath had me laughing and joking, she even made fun of my junk drawer and then proceeded to clean it out for me! so what that we managed to fill up 3 1/2 trash cans, it felt great.

so here i sit in my office this morning, a totally free and single woman. i'm gonna do great!
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Monday, March 28, 2005
just let me know...
a little birdie told me last week that there are a few people who have been reading my blog. i was happy to hear it, but i do have one request: if you are going to peek, let me know you were here! please leave a comment, i will be happy to hear from you :)
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Friday, March 25, 2005
ok, it's official
this entire week has been a whirlwind, trying to work knowing that my house was being shown and complete strangers are peeking in my cupboards and closets, knowing that i had found my dream home ( and worrying about how much my mortgage might end up being.

on tuesday night kathryn and i met up at the kb home studio so that i could go through and pick out all of the wonderful things that quickly add up to a small fortune! i thought that i would end up with about $30,000 in "upgrades", well i was very close, i only missed it by about $125.00. does that make me a good shopper or what?

yesterday was a day filled with excitement and nervousness, it was the day that i was to sign a purchase agreement for my new house. my appointment was at 2:00, i got there a few minutes early so that i could go through the model one more time. my biggest worry now was where to put a doggie door! no problem, it can be installed in the livingroom as long as i don't get too big of a couch.

so into the sales office i ran, hopped and skipped! i signed so many papers that i think i may have even given away kathryn's first born child! sorry sweetheart. i got to meet the superintendent, tom. what a hunk! must be all of those drills, hammers, etc. a meeting was set up for next tuesday morning so that tom and i could do my "pre-construction" walk. this means that he will take me to my lot (#205) so that i can see my dirt! he will also be going over some of the electrical and plumbing plans with me. i should have a slab in about 2 weeks and hopefully the house will be ready in about 5 months.

it seems so strange that kathryn and i are both waiting for new houses to be built and we should both be moving in within a month or so of each other. single women...what can i say...we just love to shop!
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Friday, March 18, 2005
busy bee
yesterday was a very busy and nerve racking day. it all started with an office meeting at 8:30 in which we all sat and talked about what we have done so far this year and what we want to accomplish, how we are going to do it, blah, blah, blah. thankfully the meeting only lasted about 45 minutes since i had several phone messages to return before my first appointment showed up in the office. right on time, at 10:30 he showed up; my adorable client/realtor eric! we went through tons of paperwork, punched a zillion numbers into a calculator and finally came up with an asking price for my house! eric agreed to meet me this sunday to see a couple of model homes in the mountain's edge community, it seems that i must find a home and sign a purchase agreement pretty quickly if i want a brand new house, which i do.

there is something very exciting about being the first person to: hammer a nail into a wall, use the shower, lie on the floor, cook on a stove. i can't quite put my finger on it but i do remember the feeling i got back in october 1996 when i moved into my current home.

so i have decided to have everything i want in my new home, mainly my dream kitchen. for so long i have wanted a stove top and a built in double oven. i can only hope that this will be an option, although i am sure that just about anything is possible at a price. what the hell, i am a single woman on a mission; i'm just not sure what all the mission entails!

after work, i stopped off at the hospital to see my girlfriend who had just had surgery. i had been saying prayers for days that she would pull through and she did...with flying colors. she was pretty out of it when i got there but she did open her eyes long enough to see me holding a springtime bouquet. her smile was worth a million...i love you mel.

got home to find that there was already a lockbox, the century 21 sign should arrive either today or tomorrow. eric told me that the sign will be a "talking sign". you will be able to drive up to the house, tune the car radio into a special am station and hear all about the house...what will they think of next?
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Monday, March 14, 2005
and on the seventh day she shopped
yesterday was one of the best sundays i have experienced in a while. around 11:30 i took off in the car and proceeded to the southwest end of las vegas in search of the perfect house! i truly thought i had found it at mountain's edge, a kb home, liberty at huntington. this model (declaration) is 1298 square feet, with 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths (an additional bath can be added but the master closet gets smaller) is as cute as can be and only about $230,000.

then i ruined my vision, i walked across the street to the villas at huntington here i saw a model called garden wing. this model is 1677 sq feet, 3+2 1/2, wide open floor plan. the cost is more ($267,000) but worth every penny i think. this house has a huge open kitchen with tons of counter space, a large master bedroom with a huge closet. what more could a girl want!

there is one draw back to each of these homes.....they both have a one car garage, but since i have one car i think i could learn to deal with that. i can hardly wait for kathryn to get back into town, i want her to see these models and i want to walk through them both again. in the mean time, i am calling a realtor to list my house!
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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
what is so difficult?
i just got a call from a client who didn't understand a letter from my home office that said, "your homeowners coverage expires 2/27/05 due to the condition of your dwelling. an inspection indicated that there is missing trim on your dwelling that is in need of repair, replacement and painting".

this letter was dated january 18, 2005, why on earth would anyone in their right mind wait until march 9, 2005 to pick up the phone? so, due to the untimely phone call all i could do was NOTHING! my hands are virtually tied 30 days after the home office makes a decision to do something. i must be honest and add that i really didn't want this lady as a client any how, she is consistently a pain in my a_s. all she could say on the phone was that she had been a foster mother and that the house was falling apart because of the kids she was caring for which is why she is no longer a foster mother. NOT my problem nor is there anything i can do about it.

NOTE TO HOMEOWNERS: always keep your home and front yard in good shape or you may find yourself without insurance too!
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Monday, March 07, 2005
what to do first
have you ever had one of those days when you have so much to do that you don't know where to start? today is one of those days. i tried to prioritize all of the things i need to do here in the office, it didn't work. therefore i blog! now i would rather have too much to do than not enough to do, but i have always been able to set priorities, is it old age creeping up on me? is it because right now i would "rather be shopping"?

speaking of shopping, kath and i hit the clearance racks at kohl's yesterday afternoon. i have soooo much fun shopping with kath and apparently she likes going with me because we are doing it again on the 20th!!!!!! we also hit trader joe's, i had never been grocery shopping there before, but will definitely go again. the produce was beautiful and alot of the prices are better than a regular super market. i was feeling quite adventurous and bought my first seedless cucumber. this vegetable was about 18 inches long and only cost me $1.49. i put some of it in a salad last night, yum, much better than a standard cucumber.
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Thursday, March 03, 2005
ok, i found the greatest place for lunch thanks to a co-worker's little sister...OPA! It's a new greek restaurant on Rainbow at Sahara. they have a pretty extensive menu...soups, salads, sandwiches, and full meals. i had the "chicken souvlaki" sandwich. my sandwich order started with a good sized greek salad, and then a huge amount of grilled chicken in a pita with lettuce, tomato, onion in a pita with the great greek sauce on the side. also on the side was a huge amount of fries. the food was great and more than a meal, the best part...the price;$8.50. i kind of felt as if i were in the big fat greek wedding movie, everybody that walked in knew each other!
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