Sunday, October 30, 2005
friday night the man and i went to shucks tavern (on west flamingo) for dinner. i gotta tell you that this place just looks like a bar from the outside, certainly nothing spectacular, and in all reality neither is the inside. when you walk in they have a bar, a few tables and a few booths. so we are seated in a booth and i look around thinking that this is not the type of place we normally go to for dinner and really start to wonder what their menu will be like. SURPRISE! they have this lengthly menu of seafood. i started with a cup of crab bisque and finshed with lobster ravioli in a lemon butter sauce; it was AMAZING. the man had dungeness crab which just happened to come with a couple of extra legs! this place has everything from salads to sandwiches to lobster. if you like seafood you gotta try shucks.
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Friday, October 28, 2005
sometimes you just type wrong!
kath and i have a habit of instant messaging each other during the day, it's a great way to keep in touch and just say hi. a few days ago she im'd me to say that she was going to bring something to my house. i thought that i had responded that "i would cook dinner" for her (since it is such a drive, about 45 minutes or so). well, last night i went to her house for dinner and she cooked. apparently, in all of my typing wisdom, or lack of, i typed "could you cook dinner" which is why i didn't really understand her response of "i could do that"! thank god for daughters!!!!! i walked into the house and she was preparing a "retro meal" which consisted of salsbury steak, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, corn and corn bread. it was delicious. but even better, i got to spend time with kath. thanks honey, i truly enjoyed.
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Thursday, October 27, 2005
haha bush!
harriet miers has withdrawn! do you think bush might be able to come up with someone who has some experience as a judge?
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has it really been five years?
this morning i attended a monthly breakfast for the insurance region i work in. this breakfast is always held at the stallion mountain country club, is considered pretty much mandatory, and every agent is billed quarterly for their eats. we always receive a few words of wisdom and a little training of some sort which makes it worth while (four hours out of my day with travel). well today was my day to be honored since next wednesday will be the fifth anniversary with this company. most companies give out some sort of a little something as a "thank you". the company i represent gives the men tie tacks (how tacky) but the women get a gold pendant with an eagle and three small sapphires but only if the home office feels that you have earned it. it is actually much nicer than i thought it would be. i was also in a drawing and managed to win $20. all in all it was a pretty good morning.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
where do you go?

where do you go when you are affraid? my oldest dog, banjo, is affraid of thunder and so he hides under my desk like this.
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should we be surprised?
i personally didn't like this administration from the start, and now this.
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Monday, October 24, 2005
quote of the day
"Youth has vision! Old age, dreams."
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Thursday, October 20, 2005
made me cry a river
i think everyone knows that there is no stronger love or bond than that between a parent and a child, and that most parents would do anything for their child. well,
last night i saw a commercial on tv for todays oprah show. i quit working early just to watch a segment on these two people.
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you know how every once in a while you meet someone who you just take a genuine liking to? well, i have a few client's like that. i just got off of the phone with one of their spouses, our conversation was like this:

me: good afternoon, american national, this is dede
pat: hi dede, this is pat
me: hey pat, how are you
pat: not so good
me: what's wrong
pat: i guess i forgot ta call you, otis died
me: sob

let me explain. otis was a man that some women would have called a "dirty old man" or "an old geezer". otis and i had an understanding; he liked me and i liked him. when otis called my office he would call me sweetheart or darlin and if i called his home, his wife pat would yell for him to come to the phone and talk to his girlfriend. now otis was 72 years old, looked much older, and had a heart of gold. otis had some kind of lung disease for years due his work as a young man, loved life and his family, hated his oxygen tank as much as he liked me. rest in peace otis, i'll miss you.
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like the new look?
is it normal to get bored with the look of your blog? is it just me? i think i need more work to do.
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Saturday, October 15, 2005
would you do this?
yesterday afternoon i went for my long overdue nail appointment. while chris was doing my nails i was looking around the salon just like i always due and noticed a new sign/poster. i ask chris what it was for and his answer was this. chris said that a friend of his was providing the service and it would only cost me $50 but i told him that i didn't think it was something i was interested in. well i just did some surfing and found that most places are charging between $100 and $300 so $50 would have been a great deal. still, isn't mascara quicker and cheaper?
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now this is something to rave about
last night my man and i, along with a couple who live around the corner from him went here for dinner. we all decided to have a hibachi meal, i personally ordered the scallops. dinner started off with soup, then salad and then out came our chef "jay". jay was one of the tallest asians i had ever seen and had a great personality. the show annd food were both great and worth every penny. the menu was huge, everything from sushi and tempura to hibachi chicken and steak. they also have imported beer and wine. go check it out but be sure to make reservations on the weekend.
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Thursday, October 13, 2005
how many is too many?
And baby makes ... 18? - Women's Health -

don't get me wrong, i am all for people having children, but isn't this just a little nuts? I remember in high school that one of my best friends (margie gunther) had 15 brothers and sisters, their mailbox said "guntherville population 18". Margie's dad worked at one of the tv stations in order to pay all of the bills while her mom kept everything running at home.

how many is enough?
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
what to do with all of those aol cd's we get in the mail
Jim Watters - Technical - CD Lamp
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
please click
The Breast Cancer Site : Fund Mammograms for Free
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i'm not the housekeeper i used to be
i have lightened up in my old age; i no longer dust and vacuum on a weekly basis but then again it is only me and two small dogs living in the house and we really don't get the place all that dirty. on sunday i decided to get out the new vacuum and put it to the test. i must say that i was quite amazed and very embarassed. first of all let me defend myself: 1)the only carpet i have is in my three bedrooms, 2)i vacuum very two weeks. this new vacuum is bagless (but has quite a large cup for dirt) and after vacuuming the three bedrooms i had to empty the cup, it was overflowing. the cup was so dirty that i washed it out with soap and water! after a few minutes thinking about it i decided to re-vacuum the three bedrooms and ended up getting another quarter of a cup of dust and dirt.

this vacuum is AWESOME!
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Monday, October 03, 2005
can i borrow a college degree?
i have been wanting a new vacuum for quite some time and friday just seemed to be the day to buy it since it was on sale at a local discount store. i picked kath up at the car dealer at 8am, we went to breakfast and then proceeded to the store to buy my much wanted vacuum. after spending what seemed like a lifetime waiting, i was told that they were out of stock but that i could get a "rain check". the rain check took forever and a day and i was only the third person in line!

at 2pm i took kath back to the car dealer and thought that i would stop and try another store on the way home. i was in luck, there was one vacuum in the store! i proceeded to the checkstand only to be charged the regular price and the cashier got all huffy with me when i asked her to do a price check because it was on sale. i DID NOT cause a scene in the store but did call the store and complain to a manager from home later that afternoon. hey, i went to that chain store to save $15 and ended up with a fortune in aggrevation.

here's where the college degree comes in....i had to put the dumb thing together. actually i was the dummy, with pictures and instructions it still took me almost an hour. i have never seen so many parts for one vacuum in my life; it has 2 extension rods, a self cleaning duster with an extension wand, a "claw" for furniture and something else for drapes, not to mention an electrical cord that is four blocks long. it is such a bright yellow that i think it may even glow in the dark! all in all i must say that this is the coolest vacuum i have ever seen and it is actually worth all of the aggrevation it cost.
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