Sunday, October 28, 2007
a day of rest
that's exactly what today was, after sleeping until almost 8am (something that i have not done in years) i managed to do a little laundry, go out clothes shopping and then come home and SELL MY PINBALL MACHINES! all in all, a VERY good weekend money wise :)
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Saturday, October 27, 2007
hardest 2 days of my life
i took yesterday off of work to prepare for todays yard sale. yep, after saying for 2 years that i was going to do it, i finally did. i worked all day yesterday moving stuff to the garage and trying to decide how much to ask for everything. thank god for melody and her kids who came to my rescue late yesterday afternoon to finish up the pricing. so just before 6:30 this morning i was putting out signs in the neighborhood and moving things out onto the driveway. by about 7:20 I had already made 2 sales and again, thank god for mel and the kids, i was able to last until about noon. all in all a pretty good day: i got to see my daughter (who took advantage of the "family discount"), spend time with mel and the kids, had one of my clients show up and buy a car load of stuff, and made about $260. i think i may also have my 2 pinball machines sold, i should know tomorrow!!!!!
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Thursday, October 18, 2007
easy business
for the two years that i have been in my current office, i have been just two doors away from a farmers insurance agent. well, last friday they moved and failed to leave a forwarding address with any one and the agent was stupid enough to disconnect his business phone number. today a man walked into my office asking if i knew where the agent had moved to and when i replied no, i was asked to quote his cars, which of course i did. i suggested that the man call the main farmer's corporate office and he replied that he had already done that and that they don't know where the agent moved to either. so guess who this man's new insurance agent is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just can't help but wonder how many more clients i might get because of this. thanks joe :)
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
kicking butt
so my side business is really starting to show some promise, i have over 200 customers and have now received commission checks three weeks in a row! in addition, i ordered the hip hop abs video (from my store) and started the cardio portion on saturday, all i can say about it is that it kicked my butt. i didn't last very long and was a bit depressed until i stopped and thought about who i am: 1 am 50, i am out of shape, i smoked for over 30 years (thank god i quit 2 years ago). yesterday i lasted a little longer and know that each day will be a little easier and that within a few weeks i will be in better shape and losing even more weight and inches.
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Friday, October 05, 2007
last night i was a guest of the citizens policy acadamy and we toured the las vegas f.b.i. building. i was quite surprised to find out that the building is not government owned, but leased on a monthly basis. we were told that the building is the size of 1 1/2 home depots! we were ushered through the building by the agent who is in charge of security; he has been with the f.b.i. for over 20 years and has some very interesting stoeies. we got to go into the weapons vault (and see and hold everything from hand guns to assault rifles), the forensic computer lab (we talked with the head geek and saw some amazing stuff), the situation/tactical room, booking room, conference rooms, gym, employee lounge and the bureau chief's office. i learned that when the f.b.i. was first formed that they would only hire attorneys and accountants as agents, and no new hire could be over the age of 35. things have since changed, the max age is now 37 and you just need a degree in a foreign language, electrical engineering, etc., the acadamy is 17 weeks long. if you plan to marry or move in with someone that person is subject to a full background check. the tour was only and hour and a half long but i learned more in that short time than i ever thought was possible.
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
i'm done asking, now i will tell
i had been asking people about this for several days and i got responses like, "never heard of it", "a friend of mine used one and said it was great", "a what?", and "good luck with that". well, i finally broke down yesterday and went and bought one, used it and yes it works! I had immediate relief from my sinuses.
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