Tuesday, May 24, 2005
i have a house...kind of
today was the day that i went for the pre-drywall walk through on my new house. the superintendant, jimmy, walked me around the outside of the house and explained the purpose of each and every pipe, electrical outlet, shut off, etc. after that was complete, it was so hot that we went into the house to cool off (at least we had shade). i have never seen so much wiring in my life, i am going to have recessed lights coming out of my a-s! it really was quite exciting to walk through and look at all of the different rooms and my bathtubs.

jimmy told me that the county should be inspecting my house either tomorrow or thursday. the day after the inspection they will start wrapping the outside of the house and then drywalling! i should be able to close escrow and move into my new home within about 60 days of drywall :)
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i am not a hobo blogger!
so kathryn has accused me of being a hobo blogger! is it my fault that my life is not as exciting as a 26 year olds? can i help that i don't have the time to sit and blog on a daily basis? as if i would have anything to talk about anyway!

so here is my list of excuses for not blogging for the last 2 weeks or so:

1) i moved my office....AGAIN

2) i took over another book of business about 3 weeks ago and it has kept me hopping like a mad jackrabbit. i now have almost twice the client's that i had before.

3) it is over 100 freaking degrees outside and since the air conditioning in the office is not working i have been leaving by about 1:00 or 93 degrees which ever comes first!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
now this is funny
i was watching the news this morning as i always do and they had a story about bush "busting a move" while traveling, then they showed this i laughed so hard that i almost...well you know.
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Monday, May 09, 2005
WOW what a GREAT day!!!!
kathryn never ceases to amaze me. a few days ago she called me to tell me to be ready by 10:45 sunday morning (mother's day)as she would be picking me up for brunch. well, at 10:30 she shows up with a beautiful potted purple calililly and a funny card. she proceeds to lead me out to the car and drive me down to the fashion show mall where she had made reservations at cafe ba-ba-reeba. this spanish restaurant was a first for me and one that i will not soon forget. the tapas ordered included dates wrapped in bacon which were so sweet and delicious, an apple salad and mushrooms stuffed with spinach which were to die for. as if all of this wasn't enough, we also enjoyed their chicken paella with artichokes. to top off all of that we ordered two desserts which were absolutely heavenly. by the way, did i mention that kathryn was responsible for getting me a little tipsy? we went through 1/2 pitcher of the best sangria (peach) i have ever had!

after stuffing ourselves like there was no tomorrow, we hopped in the car and went to see our new homes. i am now the proud owner of some very sexy 2x4s! yep, my house is completely framed, what a thrill to walk through and know that this will be my new home in just a few short months. after marveling at the timber, we proceeded to kath's new house which has been completely drywalled and really looked like a house.

thank you honey for a WONDERFUL day , i love you.
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