Monday, December 31, 2007
new year, new me
i have never been one to make a new years resolution because i figured that i would not keep it and then i would be a failure, this year is different. my resolution for the new year is to work out at least 3 days a week no matter how tired i may be at the end of my day and i will track my workouts here for all the world to see.

may 2008 bring joy, happiness, good health to everyone. happy new year everybody, be safe and have fun.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
what a holiday! friday night's date was wonderful, saturday i ran errands and went to my niece christy's house for her party and had the BEST rum punch ever! got to have lunch and shop with my girlfriend tracy on sunday and then go to mel's for our gift exchange. went to a beautiful party monday night and tuesday was the best day EVER! kath and jason came over early so that i could give jason his presents and then kath and i headed to the spa at the red rock hotel....WONDERFUL...and then back to my house for presents and food! later that same day i heard the words i have waited forever to hear come straight from my sweeties mouth (i love you too).

it's a wonder that anyone can stand to be around me i am so spoiled rotten, i am surrounded by so many people that love me and care about me. thanks kath, mel and tracy for a fabulous holiday and many beautiful gifts.

vet bills part 3... had to take banjo back to the vet this morning, he has had labored breathing since yesterday. the vet says his heart sounds good, his blood pressure is down from 280 to 170 (still high but much better). doc says he may be in pain with his arthritis and i have to give him pain med for a couple of days. if he doesn't get better in a day or so the vet will run more tests on his heart (x-rays, ekg, ultradsound). faxed another claim form to his insurance company today, this one's for $135.75!
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Friday, December 21, 2007
it's almost here!
i hope everyone is ready, only 4 more days! yes, i am ready and i am even getting excited. i plan on closing my office around 2pm today and i will not be back until wednesday morning. i have a gift delivery to make at 5pm tonight and then a dinner date. tomorrow i have errands to run and a party to attend. sunday morning is for marketing and sunday evening is for a christmas celebration with mel and her gang which is always fun because of the kids. monday is for cooking (for tuesday) and parties (3 if i can do it!). Tuesday (the day of the big man (santa)) i will be at the spa with kath and then opening presents at my much to do in only 4 days!

merry christmas everyone! be safe and have a great time.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
vet bills part 2
so banjo spent the whole day at the vet yesterday. he got his teeth cleaned, blood work, urinalysis, x-ray and a blood pressure check. at 5:30 i was finally allowed to pick my baby up and hear the news: 1)teeth are clean but there were five extractions, 2)urinalysis and blood work looked good, 3) blood pressure not so good...systolic pressure was at 280 when normal is 120, 4) x-ray showed arthritis in his left hip and spine, more bladder stones forming, and his heart is so enlarged (the vet thinks this is due to his blood pressure) that it is pushing his esophagus up into his spine. so now he has been put on blood pressure meds and we go back to the vet for a blood pressure check every 2 weeks or so until his blood pressure is normal. i just faxed bills totaling over $600 to the insurance company, thank god his policy is guaranteed renewable each year. at this point if i get back a couple of hundred i will be happy.
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Sunday, December 16, 2007
finally in the mood
yes, it is true, i think that i am finally in the mood for christmas! kath and i spent most of the day yesterday baking our christmas cookies and discussing christmas day and what we will do. last night i had dinner with the love of my life and after a couple of cadillac margaritas and a long, difficult but heart felt conversation, we have decided to give it another try. today i finsihed up my christmas shopping for the 3rd time!!!!!!!!!!! tonight i go with doug, mel and the kids to opportunity village which will apparently push me over the edge and into the total christmas spirit. i am almost completely sure that i am now ready for all of this since i have had a christmas song stuck in my head since i woke up this morning and i find myself periodically singing out loud :)
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Thursday, December 13, 2007
vet bills for the weary
late last night, i noticed that banjo (my oldest dog) seemed to be limping. this morning it seemed worse so i called the vet and away we went. the vet thinks that he may just have arthritis in his hip (banjo will be 10 in march) and gave me a pain med for him and a very expensive tub of treats to "lube/grease" his joints. the doctor advised me stay with him today and watch him just in case he has a reaction to the meds). i mentioned while we were there, that he sometimes just sits and stares into space like he is in his own little world. after the vet checked him out from top to bottom, this is what i got:

diagnosis: probable arthritis of the left hip, gum infection, possible series of mini strokes, possible alzheimers.

treatment: pain med every 24 hours, doggie cipro every 24 hours for his gums, 1/2 doggie treat every day to "grease up his joints", an appointment for next monday for blood work, x-ray, teeth cleaning, blood pressure check, etc.

cost: NOT PRICELESS! $140 today and an estimate of just over $400 for monday. thank you mastercard.

is it worth it? hell yeah, he's my baby. the funniest thing about today is that i had to give dude (the 4 year old) a doggie valium so that he would leave poor banjo alone to rest.

as long as i am home, i might as well take advantage of this extra time and wrap some presents.
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great concert
last night i attended the garside jhs orchestra winter concert. my "nephew" justin wanted to learn how to play the violin so he signed up for orchestra when he started middle school in august. last night he sat second chair in their first concert! i couldn't have been more proud or more honored to be there. justin, you are the coolest!
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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
not in the mood
usually by the time thanksgiving rolls around i am all excited and getting ready for christmas. NOT THIS YEAR! when i started hearing christmas music the day before turkey day, had fights with visitors, and a multitude of other stuff going on, i am am just having a hard time. i am in a royal funk and really having a hard time getting out of it, probably because i no longer have the love of my life in my life which makes me very sad, whiney, and weepy.

in order to help push myself toward jolly, i began shopping monday after work, went again last night and even this morning on the way into the office. i have completed my 2 dogs, my grandkitty, mel's household plus her mother-in-law, my friend tracy, and i am almost done with kath! in addition, i have everything i need and more to start making my chocolates (which i will start this weekend) and my christmas cards are in the mail. only a couple of more folks to buy for and then cookie baking for canines and humans which will begin on the 15th!

With any luck i will feel in the mood by the 25th :)
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