Tuesday, April 25, 2006
how do you explain this?
1. i feel like my head is in a cloud and i can't think clearly.
2. i walked into a wall this morning; that same wall has always been there.
3. i don't feel bad, i don't feel good, i just feel as if somethings not right.
4. i get really light headed when i bend down.
5. i have had a "tingling" in my legs.
6. i am having trouble walking in a straight line.
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Monday, April 24, 2006
what the hell
what are we (or aren't we) teaching our children these days? you have to read this because apparently none of us are even safe in our own homes with our children.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
medical bills
a while back i blogged about the great medical discount plan i have and how it has and is saving me a small bundle even after i pay the month premium. i have been seeing a cardiologist since february and i was getting a little antsy since i had not received a bill yet for any of my visits. well, the first bill arrived yesterday and it covered my initial visit, EKG and one follow-up visit. the total bill was $430 and the amount i have to pay is $186; nothing like a savings of $244!

granted, my plan is a discount plan for which i pay $49.95 per month, but an insurance plan with a co-pay would cost me almost $400 per month and i can't even qualify. i think i found a win-win situation.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
gotta love wamu
i have had my personal bank accounts with washington mutual (wamu) bank for quite some tine and a few months ago i moved my business account to them also. i have always enjoyed the way i am greeted in the branch, the "no fee" checking accounts and now they have a few more bonuses......free checks for life, 3 cents back for every debit card purchase (they send you a check at the end of the year).

as if that isn't enough, i got a call from wamu because they thought they saw something fraudulent on my debit card! i was at two gas stations on the same day (my car and a loaner car) and wamu called to make sure that i had made the purchases. is that cool or what? now if i could only get them to call me when i spend too much money!
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Monday, April 17, 2006
i wuv the easter bunny
so yesterday afternoon was spent with my girlfriend mel, her husband, his mother and their three adorable kids. i walk into the house only to be greeted by five year old christina who couldn't wait to tell me about all of the stuff in the easter basket including each and every piece of grass! she then takes me off to the kitchen where "mommy is cooking dinner" so that she can show me all of the stuff from her basket including all of the grass! mel and christina then handed me an easter basket that the easter bunny had left just for me. i hadn't gotten an easter basket in about 40 years, let alone one filled with "good smelling stuff" because as christina told me, "aunt dede, the easter bunny knows that you are a girl just like me". not long after "nana" arrived, we all sat down to a dinner of pot roast with all of the trimmings, said a blessing and began to feast. it was a wonderful day that made me realize just how much i miss kathryn being a llittle girl, thankfully christina filled in.
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Friday, April 14, 2006
happy easter
here's hoping that the easter bunny drops little chocolate eggs everywhere.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
so what do you do
so what do you do when you purchase something and it turns out that you are REALLY happy with it? you start selling it! i had no health insurance when i found out last december that i was facing a couple of different health issues and because of these issues i can no longer qualify for health insurance. in january i purchased a discount medical, dental, vision, chiro and rx plan and while i pay $50 a month for it i have been saving a fortune. i started to think about the clients i have that either cannot qualify for or afford health insurance and i decided to start selling this discount plan. i already have five people who are ready to sign up! the best part is that i can sell it to people living anywhere in the u.s..
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
love is # 3
love is when your sweetie calls asking for help with his "continuing education" course and then later admits that he only asked for help because he wanted to see you. :)
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
kath, do you need to tell me somthing?
this is my horoscope for today: Cancer
June 21 - July 21
Happy events involving your mother, or another female relative whom you're close to, might have you feeling very emotional, dear Cancer. A marriage or birth might be involved. Your own projects, particularly those done in conjunction with other people, could be proceeding very well in spite of difficulties that you've had to overcome. The results attained could move you to tears, and you may feel the need to control yourself. Don't be afraid to show others how you feel!
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