Friday, April 22, 2005
ok, so now i really feel old
after being at a boring company conference all day yesterday i was looking forward to going home and just relaxing. instead i made the mistake of picking up my mail and finding something that made me feel old and invitation to my 30th high school reunion! i wonder how many others received theirs and felt the same way.
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Monday, April 18, 2005
got slab?
saturday morning kathryn and i went to see my new house; i have a slab. according to one of the workers they may start framing my house this week!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
the new love in my life
ok, it's true i admit it, i do have a new love in my life. thanks to kathryn i have been introduced to one of the most wonderful and healthy relationships in the world; click here to see my new love.
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Monday, April 11, 2005
i have a home phone, please call it
when i turned on my cell phone this morning and i saw that i had a message, i knew exactly who it was going to be. it was my realtor, eric, leaving a message yesterday to say that an offer is being made on the house. i would have known yesterday if he would have just called the home phone! everyone knows that my cell is only on when i am not at home.

so here i am at work just waiting for the phone to ring. i am anxious to know just what the offer will be and only hope that these folks will agree to let me lease the house from them until my new house is built! keep your fingers, arms and legs crossed for me.
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what a weekend
the weekend started off great, dinner and drinks at a little known seafood restaurant not far from the house. we sat and talked for almost three hours straight. strange, when we are together for only an hour or so we talk about nothing but work, but friday night was different, we talked about everything! it was a wonderful evening and i can hardly wait to do it again.

saturday morning kathryn showed up to play hairdresser and help me wash all of the dark roots out! she did a great job. while i was sitting around, with the color still in my hair, the phone rang. it was a realtor wanting to run right over to show the house. i tried to put him off by saying that i was getting my hair colored and could not leave the house but he did not seem to care, he had a client who WANTED to see the house. and so they did. a few hours later the phone rang again, it was the same realtor asking if they could walk through again. five minutes later there they were at my door. i knew this was a sign of an offer forth coming and i wasn't sure whether i should be excited or sad; after all this has been my home for 8 1/2 years. i finished off the day watching part of season four of sex and the city. damn you kath for getting me hooked!

all in all it was a restful and enjoyable weekend.
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