Monday, October 30, 2006
three days off!
yep, had a three day weekend; since everybody else said that last friday was a holiday (nevada day), i took it off. this was one three day weekend where i actually feel as though i had three days, and it was fun too.

on friday i got to have lunch with kath and dinner with my sweetie. saturday i was on my own to do laundry and marketing which is an awful bore but needed to be done anyway.

yesterday i picked up tyler (melody's 13 year old) around 11:30 and we went to lunch and then proceded to my house for our "project". tyler has shown an interest in cooking so we decided to cook dinner for his mom, dad, sister, brother and nana. unfortunately nana was not feeling well but everyone else made it over. the menu: salad with home made thousand island and green goddess dressing, fettucini alfredo with from scratch fettucini, sauteed chicken, steamed brocolli and garlic bread. for desert we had an apple crisp. i am happy to report that tyler did a wonderful job in the kitchen (great knife skills for 13!) and that dinner was a wonderful success. leftovers went to nana.

all in all, this was one of the nicest weekends i have had in a long time.
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Monday, October 23, 2006
FINALLY better
i guess working half days did the trick, i think i am finally well (other than my allergies). i spent most of saturday shopping which i had not done in a really long time. i decided that since i will be keeping my house it was time to fix it up a bit. i bought three beautiful bar stools for my kitchen island, and picked out new furniture (i finally get a sectional) for my family room (the furniture that is in there now will be moved to the living room). i spent most of sunday searching for some new art work for my dining room and family room. to top off the weekend, i got taken out for mexican food and margaritas last night. all in all, a very expensive but wonderful weekend. :)
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Monday, October 16, 2006
not again!
After suffering through the 48 hour stomach flu for nearly a full week, i actually felt really good on friday. so good in fact that i went to lunch with kath, went boot shopping after work and still managed to cook a wonderful dinner for my sweetie. saturday was a feel good day too although i was in the house due to the rain most of the day. yesterday i woke up with very little voice but all was well with a few short hours and i went to home depot for a security screen door and had the handy man over to install it and then proceeded over to a girl friend's house for a pampered chef party (randi you did a great job again). today i woke up with a sore throat, no voice and an ear ache....oh well, it got me out of a four hour meeting this morning and i will be cutting today really short!
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Thursday, October 05, 2006
can i please stay home tonight?
it seems as if all i have done in the last week is eat! out to restaurants every other night or so with my honey. i do not mean to complain but i do kind of miss cooking at home. here are some of the places i have eaten in the last week...joe's crab shack (the crab legs were fabulous), shucks (the scallops cooked in a vodka sauce were wonderful), bob taylor's ranch house (the prime rib was yummy) and finally the meat lasagne at chicago joe's. if you have never been to chicago joe's you need to check the place out, it is definately "old vegas". they pipe in music so old that i kept watching for the rat pack to walk in! the place is very small so make reservations be sure to lock your car since this is not one of the best parts of town. they even have an early bird menu if you order before 6:30 pm!
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
damn i've been lazy!
i have always tracked my business expenses by month on an excel spreadsheet AND input the information as soon as the month is over. NOT THIS YEAR! so now that it is october, i decided that i had better get my butt in gear. i have spent about five hours today separating each months expenses and adding them up so that i could input the info. my expenses have now been recorded through september!!!!!
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Monday, October 02, 2006
so i took vicky to the airport this morning. she has been here for two weeks and what a whirlwind it has been! when she was here last year it had been over 30 years since we had seen each other, a week ago we drove to california to see her brother who i had not seen in over 10 years and even saw her step father who i had not seen in about 40 years. saturday morning vicky and i went to breakfast with her step mom (who lives here in vegas [within about 5 miles of my house]) who i had not seen in close to 40 years and i got to meet a niece (christy) who is 33 years old that i had never seen before! yesterday christy brought her two daughters (emma 3 and alexis 5) over to the house so that vicky and i could meet them. all of this makes me feel like rip vanwinkle. how on earth can you not meet a family member until they are 33 years old? is this what people mean when they say, "better late than never"?
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