Friday, June 24, 2005
St. Joseph do your thing
since my house has been on the market just over two months, and i really need to get it sold, i purchased this on tuesday. since i did not want to wait for one to be shipped i drove all over the west side of las vegas to find a catholic church with a gift shop. that's right, a gift shop. now my statue does look a little different, mine is holding baby jesus,is more than one color and he came with instructions and a prayer.

a lot of people have been telling me how their homes sold in less than a week and they swear that st joseph is responsible. i buried him late tuesday afternoon, and this is friday. i say the accompanying prayer every morning and night. hope it works!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
here we go again...
56)i love to shop (for anything)
57)especially when i find a true bargain
58)i can't shop without buying something
59)i love music
60)can't dance
61)would love to take a ballroom dancing class
62)i feel guilty when i take a day off from work
63)i don't hate anyone
64)although there are some people that i genuinely dislike
65)my favorite color is blue
66)the least favorite is orange
67)i like trying new foods
68)i enjoy going to places i have never been before
69)i always try to enjoy life
70)i like to people watch
71)i am always on time or early
72)people who can't be on time bug me
73)my best asset are my legs
73)my stomach is the worse
74)i am legally blind without my glasses
75)with them i have 20/25 vision
76)i have the best daughter in the world
77)she is the light of my life
78)i think she hated me during her teenage years
79)now she is my best friend
80)i am very proud of her (as if you can't tell)
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Monday, June 13, 2005
more about me
ready or not, here's more about me...............

41)i am not very artistic
42)i painted and decorated a toy chest for the dog a few years ago
43)i do needlepoint, but only when i am really in the mood
44)i learned to knit and crochet when i was a teenager
45)forgot how to do both by the time i was 20
46)in my spare time i am a couch potato watching tv
47)my favorite channel is the food network
48)my power nap consists of at least 2 hours sleep
49)i am a hopeless romantic
50)i love movies that are comedies or romance
51)i tend to cry easily during sad and romantic scenes
52)i have been known to yell at people in shows/movies i watch
53)i hate scary movies because my hands leave marks on my glasses
54)i love crossword and word find puzzles
55)i despise people who do not follow through when they say they will do something
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Friday, June 10, 2005
31 through ?
thanks to kath's encouragement, here i go again...

31)i hate automated telephone systems
32)especially when i really need to talk to a human being
33)i don't understand people who will listen to an entire message on an answering machine and then not leave a message
34)when i leave someone a message i expect a return call
35)i hate to answer my home phone since i have been answering 4 phone lines all day!
36)almost everyone in my cell phone has their own ring tone
37)i wear a size 9 shoe
38)i have size 8 1/2, 9 1/2, 10 shoes in my closet
39)i love shoes and have a lot of them
40)i prefer to go barefoot
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Thursday, June 09, 2005
21 +
21)i am extremely anal about my work area being neat
22)people with messy work areas irritate the hell out of me
23)i hate tv commercials about cars and attorneys
24)my favorite food is chocolate
25)i love to cook
26)but i hate to cook just for me
27)i detest yard work
28)i have a huge yard in my current house
29)will have barely any yard in my new house
30)hey, i am getting pretty good at this
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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
ok, ok i give in!
kath has been driving me nuts because i don't blog on a regular basis. i can't help it, she works for the state and has a lot of free time, i work for myself and don't! last night she suggested that i do a list of 100 things about me....she wants me to bore everyone who would even think about reading this blog. i won't promise 100 things but i will attempt to list 10 or 20 different things about me when ever possible; it will be like waiting for the next viewing of your "favorite" (or not) television show.

the fist 20 things about me...
1) i am a cancer; born july 10th (the year is none of your business)
2) my maiden name was smith
3) i was the youngest of three; now i am the oldest
4) the other two are deceased
5) i quit college when i was 18
6) my first job was in an insurance office
7) i have been in the insurance field since i was 18
8) i was 19 when i married the first time
9) my last name became weiss
10)i was old enough to know better when i married the 2nd time
11)my last name changed to feliz
12)i will never marry again
13)i lived in southern california from birth until 1996
14)i moved to nevada in 1996
15)i have 2 small dogs who run my house
16)i have 1 daughter who yells at me for letting the dogs run the house!
17)i used to be a very heavy drinker
18)now i am a cheap date
19)i consider myself a good driver
20)i hate the way other people drive
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