Friday, October 31, 2008
nevada day
144 years ago today nevada became a state, thus making october 31st a state holiday. any reason is a good reason to take a day off of work!!! and happy halloween everyone.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
the best part

the best part of having a front yard is that you can display signs like this one!
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Monday, October 27, 2008
pink sox
everybody knows that i have been going to all of the pink sox's games to cheer on my niece chrissy, well tonight i get to do something really special. chrissy's mom, melody, is the team mom and she is out of town so i will step in and be the team auntie. i get to be in the dugout with all of the girls during their practice tonight! i just love watching these girls as they have so much enthusiasm and play with such gusto.

last night i experienced another first...jason and kath invited me over for indian food, i have one word...YUMMY! thanks guys.
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Monday, October 20, 2008
more on plumbers
mccain may have joe the plumber but southern nevada jas joe the plumber and he has something to say!

in other news, on saturday morning after voting for my next president i went to watch the pink sox play, they have turned into a pretty awesome group of little girls. most of them get up to bat and literally hit it out of the ball park! i spent saturday afternoon with clients and saturday night with the porcelain god as i somehow picked up a good case of the stomach flu. i spent all day sunday on the couch trying to recover and i am still feeling the effects today. this flu comes with a hangover headache that just will not go away.
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Thursday, October 16, 2008
joe the plumber or ?
so is joe a plumber or a liar? you decide. he certainly isn't anyone i would want working on my plumbing since he doesn't even have a license.
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Sunday, October 12, 2008
cry fest
i took myself to the movies today; i saw nights in rodanthe. i have always been a richard geer fan but never particularly liked diane lane, i feel differently now. this entire film reminds us just how quickly our lives can change and how we all get that one true love. it also reminds us of just how short and precious life is. if you have not seen it yet, i highly recommend it. take tissues.
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once a mom...
once a mom always a mom. the phone rang this morning just before nine and my first thought was "who in the heck can that be". upon answering it i was very surprised that it was kathryn. very surprised because i knew that she had gone to a concert last night and just pretty much assumed that she would sleep until at least 10 or 11. she and jason were out on the road waiting to start a motorcycle ride for autism. she called me to share her excitement and the only thing i could manage to say is, "now be sure to get some rest because you know you have school...i mean work tomorrow". why on earth does the mom part of me always have to kick in like that??? sorry honey!
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Saturday, October 11, 2008
soccer mom gone wrong
so i picked up this mornings paper and there it was, sarah palin on the front page with this headline "probe: plain abused power" "report: ethics act was violated". here is the story for your reading pleasure. the only problem is that by the time she gets her hands slapped the election will be over. this just goes to show that if you give some people a little power they will abuse it. i shudder to think what she would/could do in washington.
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Sunday, October 05, 2008
when something doesn't work
when something doesn't work, why do we insist on going back and trying again? i dated the same guy forever, we broke up and a few weeks later got back together only to break up again about a year or so later. he keeps telling me that he is going to change, we had dinner together last night because he called me and asked if we could sit down and talk. my brain said no, my heart said yes, i replied with i can't go down that same road again. i finally gave in because he wanted to "just talk". so at 5:30 we met at our favorite mexican restaurant and engaged in nothing but small talk for the first half hour. finally i asked what he wanted to talk about. it was like listening to a broken record, all i heard was i can change for you, i understand that you want to go out and have fun, i know i act like an old man, i can change for you, i am going to change, you can change me, i miss you, i really miss you, i don't know what to do. my response was another broken record; only you can change you, i am too young to just sit in front of the tv, i need more, i deserve more, i have heard for about four years now that one of your hobbies is dancing but we never went so let's go tonight. the response...i can't, i have to work up to it, i can't change overnight. my me if you ever do change because we are not in the same place, i love you and i want and need more than a dinner and tv one night a week but i honestly don't think you will ever be in the same place that i am. it was still really early but i came home and cuddled with the dogs.
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Saturday, October 04, 2008
what a week
monday and tuesday were not necessarily good days, they weren't bad but not good either. wednesday morning i went across town for a meeting that i really did not want to attend but it turned out to be a great meeting. instead of the usual "i am your regional manager and you have to do this, that, and the other" we got "i am just an agent like you guys and when my business started to crash with the economy this is what i started doing". all of the way home i thought about how this could work for me and on thurday morning i put the plan into action. i picked out 10 clients that i could talk to just as friends and called each stating that i wanted to see them to do their annual insurance review and that i also needed their help with something. they all immediately asked if i was ok medically followed by "then what can i do, anything you need". i have begun meeting with these people and i am asking them to sign letters of introduction for me that i can mail to their friends and family. most of these people did not realize that the problems with the economy would dribble down to their insurance agent. the wonderful thing is that each person i have spoken with has told me that they would be more than happy to help me out and do what ever it takes to help me regrow my business. one couple that i spoke with yesterday is in their 70's and having their home foreclosed on, thank God they have another home to move into. the wife cried when i told her that i would be more than happy to jump in and help them with their move. if nothing else this is restoring my faith in man kind.
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