Wednesday, February 25, 2009
catch up
i feel funny because i haven't blogged in a week and a half. is my life really that boring? yes, actually it is. i have been seeing clients, trying to write new business, even working on saturday and sunday. last satuday i had the priviledge of babysitting my two great nieces. although i am not sure that i can really say babysitting...they are 5 and 8. i came to the conclusion after they had both been put to bed that i am getting too old to keep up with them. they have too much energy. i sat in the back yard while they played, we played catch, we played high school monopoly, had dinner, watched tv and i promptly fell asleep as soon as they were in bed!

today i got a call and a lunch invitation from my poolman (also a client). His truck was being worked on and he needed an adult to talk to! his twin four year olds were in school. for me, it was nice to take a break with a human!

by the way...happy birthday to my girlfriend tracy!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009
girl's night out
went to dinner and a movie last night with my girlfriend tracy, we haven't been out since early last month. we saw "he's just not that into you" with jennifer aniston, ben aflack, kris kirstofferson; it was actually pretty cute. there were a few scenes where tracy and i looked at each other and just smiled, we had both been there before. the sad part was the amount of men that had to sit through the movie since it was valentine's day weekend.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009
watch what you eat part II
i went to the hospital yesterday to see my client, her color was excellent, she was sitting up, trying to talk, eating and drinking but still in ICU. all lab work and x-rays are normal but the doctors refused to move her from ICU because of the swelling in her throat caused by the ventilator tube. they were talking however about possibly letting her go home today. the docs told her yesterday that she survived and has done very well because she takes good care of herself by eating healthy and working out, otherwise her close call with death would have killed her.

got a text from her this afternoon, she is at home and resting!
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
i can't believe it
this was a link on one of the websites that i visit almost daily. this makes me sick and sad at the same time. for the life of me i will never understand why she wanted this to happen. and now i have heard that the doctor will only get a slap on the wrist.
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Monday, February 09, 2009
watch what you eat
i got a call this morning from the boyfriend of one of my clients asking whether she had medical insurance through my office. my client was rushed to the hospital saturday night after ingesting a sauce in a restaurant that unknown to her contained cashews. the allergic reaction was so bad that they have had her sedated since admission and on a ventilator. as of this afternoon she is breathing on her own with the ventilator turned off but still in icu. The boyfriend has promised to keep me updated so that i can go and visit as soon as she is awake and out of icu.

beau the boyfriend called about 4:00pm, the ventilator tube has been removed and she has been brought out of the sedation. she is breathing easily and is aware of her surroundings. the doctors hope to have her out of icu by sometime tomorrow if all of her lab work is ok and she continues to improve.
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happy 8th birthday to my dear chrissy, it was so nice to be able to celebrate your big day with you yesterday. it doesn't seem possible that it has been eight years since i went to see you for the first time. i love you!
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