Thursday, November 29, 2007
maybe it's not so bad afterall
ok, so i just got done blogging about my crappy week and then i read this! WOW
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oh what a week it has been
this week has to qualify as one of the worst weeks i have ever experienced: 1) every single client who i had an appointment with has cancelled due to illness, 2) i felt sick almost all day yesterday and ended up going home early, 3) about a mile from the house this morning (on my way to work) i had a tire blow out, thus it cost me $190 for a new tire plus i did not get here until after 10am! the weekend just cannot get here soon enough.

ok, just after noon my printer/scanner/fax machine died. thank god i always carry the extended warranty through office max. the machine i had was 1 1/2 years old, i got a full refund for it and the extended warranty, got a bigger, better machine and it cost me less that $100. yahoo something almost right in my week!

did i say something right? after installing the new hp software, i was not able to scan anything to my computer. after spending 2 hours on the phone with hp while uninstalling and re-installing their software 4 times i was finally advised that "the cd must not be good". it is 7pm and i am installing the software directly from their web site....only 35 minutes left to go. this had better work.

FOOTNOTE (fri 11/30/07): i finally left the office at 7:45 last night. almost exactly 24 hours later (around noon today) i have an all-in-one machine that works...i ended up taking back the one i bought and exchanging it for the same type that i previously had. one good thing came out of all of this other than i now have a new machine...yesterday, i paid $95.74 and today i was refunded $107.00. I LOVE YOU OFFICE MAX!!!!!!
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
i'm dying here!
i will swear that i like the christmas holiday as much as the next guy, but for crying out loud, why on earth do we need to hear christmas music for a month or more? This year, i starting hearing xmas tunes on the radio the day before thanksgiving. i turned on the radio here at the office about 30 minutes ago and the ONLY thing i have heard so far is christmas music.....ugh. maybe this is a secret bush plot to jumpstart the economy?
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Monday, November 26, 2007
thanks giving or giving thanks?
this year i took the longest holiday ever...left the office at 10:30 am on Tuesday and did not return until today! i have been debating whether or not to blog about the holiday because there was quite a bit of turmoil, but what the hell, it's a way to get it off of my chest.

the sunday before turkey day my niece, vicky, flew in from califnornia, she has not been here since spetember of last year. she got all bent out of shape on the ride from the airport to my house because neither her brother or sister had called yet to make plans with her. i guess that people that don't work forget that other people have lives. sunday evening her brother (my nephew) gary called to say that he and his wife robin would be in tuesday afternoon for a one day visit. thus, i left work at 10:30 am on tuesday to be sure to be home before they arrived. our time with gary and robin was great (we had not seen them since september 2006) until about midnight when all hell broke loose with vicky and her drinking. enough said.

kath came to the house wed. morning to see us all and we had a great time going through OLD photos. etc.

tukey day was wonderful, kath came to help me cook and jason joined us for dinner, 16 pound bird for 4; what can i say other than i like leftovers!

friday was relaxing and wonderful until 10pm when vicky and i were on our way home from her sister's house. again, the drinking clouded her sensibility and at 10:30pm we headed to the airport. i finally got home at 11:30pm and just sat to enjoy the peace and quiet.

saturday and sunday were for laundry and quiet time...ahh, the holidays!
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
i survived!
i think that i have mentioned a few times that this has been my year of change. that's right, i turned 50 this year and have literally been trying all sorts of new things as often as possible...i started losing weight and inches, i work out at home at least 4 days a week (i strive for 6 days), and last night a client of mine took me here. i managed to stay in the class for the full 90 minutes for which i was very surprised (no i did not do all of the poses), and i looked and felt like a wet noodle when it was over. by the way, my client took part in a state wide competition and placed second; she bends like a rubber hose. after class, my client took me into china town to a really cute place for korean bar-b-que (i even managed to eat a full meal with chop sticks for the first time!). the entire evening was amazing, exhausting, exhilerating! Today i can barely move!!!!!
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
true statement
i was on my way into the office today after a morning meeting when all of a sudden i found myself behind an suv with this on the back window. i only wish i could have found a way to get the guy to pull over so i could shake his hand :)
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Monday, November 05, 2007
a day of shopping

since: 1) my yard sale was such a success, and 2) i am a household of only one, i went and bought this. (my old table sat 6 and expanded to seat 10-12). i think i am going to like it!

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Thursday, November 01, 2007
i love halloween

i always look forward to halloween just to see the costumes and i always remember back to burbank when kathryn laid dead in the front yard with her hand in a candy bowl and then came to life just as a kid would reach for their candy. i honestly don't think i have laughed that hard since then. well last night i saw some pretty cute costumes: lady bug, bumble bees, cave men, 1 year old mickey mouse, and many others. here are two pics to show who put the happy in halloween this year! The pic on the left are my neighbors with their 3 year old and the beauties on the right are my great nieces lexi and emma.

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