Monday, August 29, 2005
to my pride and joy
at 10:31pm i have the following message for you: HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY!
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Friday, August 26, 2005
quote of the day
Quote of the Day

"Dreams are the most powerful motivators of all."

i know that a lot of people do not believe in dreams. i never did either. but this quote made me remember a reocurring dream that i have had that wakes me up screaming, in a cold sweat and really makes me pay attention. my dream is a short one and goes like this...i am driving down the road and suddenly i have to slam on my brakes because the car in front of me stops, i wake up screaming when i rear end the other car. this is the scariest dream that i have ever experienced and i have had it so many times that i usually won't even start my car until my seatbelt is on.

come to think of it, i haven't had this dream since before denis moved. i wonder what that means?
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Thursday, August 25, 2005
i have been threatening to do it
a few days ago i mentioned to kath that i should change the name of my blog. since it seems that all i do is rant and rave, i've done it!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
quote of the day..................i love it
"Adults are obsolete children."

Dr. Seuss
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
ok ok i'll quit!
kathryn has been on my back (in a nice way) for years to quit smoking. after lighting up for 33 years, i have finally decided that it is time to quit. i am going here friday afternoon. i am scared, nervous and excited all at the same time. needless to say, kath is ecstatic and has promised to go with me. i only hope that this will work so that i can have a long and healthy life. most of all i want to make my daughter proud.
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Monday, August 22, 2005
ashley furniture follow-up
on august 4th i rantd about ashley furniture and their "customer service" department. on saturday morning i went down to the ashley store and spoke with their manager (a pimpley faced young man who could not have been over 30 years old if that) and calmly explained my dissatisfaction with the tables i had bought and their service department. he finally agreed with me that end tables should match a coffee table and that i should look through the store to see if i could find a set i liked. after an hour and a half in the store i was pleased to walk out with tables i like and the difference in price was only $107! with any luck my new tables should arrive in about three weeks.
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Thursday, August 18, 2005
astrology, sometimes i do believe
this is my horoscope for today

June 21 - July 21
The action of the day is likely to be dynamic, so make sure you have your seat belt fastened, dear Cancer. What fun would life be if there weren't a few bumps in the road every so often to keep things lively and interesting? Today's events are likely to stir up the pot and create a ruckus with your emotions. You may find that as you work to get the ball rolling, there is suddenly an obstacle in your way. Don't let this make you lose sight of your goals.

it's amazing how sometimes it is right on and today is one of those days. I started with an 8:30 breakfast meeting that lasted until 11:30 and then stopped off to see a client. Finally got into my office at 1:00 and hsd 17 voicemails to deal with. it is now almost 4 and i haven't even had lunch.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
so everyone knows that i moved my office. the sprint guy was out on monday and after 3 hours of "working" he installed my three vital phone lines and they worked great. right after that i called sprint to order voicemail and was told that i would have it sometime tuesday morning.

really late on tuesday morning my voicemail was finally available, i set up my mail box and then called myself to make sure that it worked. guess what? it was a no go, the phone just rang and rang and rang. i called the sprint voicemail people and was told that my service was "in the process" and to be patient.

well this morning i was excited to find that if i called my office phone my voicemail would pick up. a couple of hours later i found out that my phone # was "not in service" or would be busy when you dialed. i called sprint service to be told that they would have a technician look into it and it should be fixed no later that thursday at 5pm and if it was a wiring problem there would be a charge for a "repair". my response was, "look lady your guy put in the wiring on monday so if there is a problem bill him not me". guess what? about an hour or so later the phone was working again!

sprint, can't live with them, can't live without them. grrrrrrrrrrrr
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Friday, August 12, 2005
my client's are the GREATEST!!!
most of the time i think that i am the luckiest insurance agent in the world. why? because my clients appreciate the work that i do for them, especially when we are talking about life insurance and retirement planning (my two favorite subjects). clients make comments like "i don't know what i would do with out you", "you have taught me so much", "we appreciate you", and my personal favorite "i love you".

about two weeks ago i received an invitation from a client for last night. she was holding a party for her daughter's grade school graduation and wanted me to meet some of her family and friends. so last night about 6:00pm i showed up, with a gift in hand for "sunshine" and congratulated her on her graduation. my client, maria, already had a huge buffet table laid out and wanted me to eat as soon as she got done telling me that she had invited me as part of her "family" not so that her daughter would get a gift. this buffet looked like a miniature at one of our hotels! salads, american food, Filipino food, mexican food and she still was going to bar-b-que chicken and pork. maria reminds me so much of my mother, the more you eat the happier she is!

i was introduced to each and every person who walked into the house as "maria's sister and financial advisor" and what a gold mine this could have been since all of maria's family and friend's are dealers in the casinos. but not last night, i was there to relax and enjoy.

never in my life have i felt so welcomed, so loved and so full. when i announced that i was going to leave (it was almost 9:00), i was told to wait. maria proceeded to pack up a full market bag with enough food to feed me for a week. is that love or what?
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proud but tired
i have spent more than three weeks looking for new office space; everyone in this town expects you to pay $1200 a month for a 300 sq foot office! i say bull, i went on strike and now i am in the process of moving my office into my home. in fact, i just finished hooking up my cable modem. now it is time to put away forms, envelopes and a few reference books. the movers that i hired for the heavy stuff will be at my old office sunday morning and if all goes according to plan i will be fully functional monday morning.
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Thursday, August 04, 2005
don't shop ashley
back on may 22, kathryn and i went furniture shopping. i ended up buying a couch and love seat, over stuffed chair and ottoman, coffee table and 2 end tables at ashley furniture. all of the furniture was delivered on june 14th and later that same day i noticed a scratch on the coffee table and the 2 end tables did not sit level. the following day i called the ashley service center and made an appointment for a "service tech" to come out for a repair.

on july 9th the tech came out to the house to "repair" the tables. he proceeded to attach a sticky paper to the bottom of each end table (at least they sit level now) and make the scratch on the coffee table look 1000 times worse. the following day i called ashley again and was told that they need to send out their other tech for a "second opinion".

on august 1st, the other tech showed up at my door, looked at the table and agreed that it "looks like shit". he told me there was nothing he could do and that i would be contacted by ashley within a day or two.

well, i just called the ashley "service center" and was told that they were going to just send out another table. i told them that i did not want the same table and so they agreed that i could go to the store and pick out another coffee table. but what about the end tables i asked. their deal. now, i ask you, why in hell would i accept a coffee table that does not match the end tables? i demanded that the woman on the phone have a manager call me since there was not a manager in when i called.

do not, i repeat, do not buy anything from this store. their tables are cheap and their service stinks!
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