Monday, June 30, 2008
update #4
I think that i have finally figured out how to navigate eharmony's web site! i am currently corresponding with five men ranging in age from 45 to 63. my survey says 45-60 but they sent me a really cute 63 year old so what the hell! again, what's the worse that can happen? the man that i have been talking to the most had a birthday yesterday and i happened to notice the age change on his profile and sent him a happy b-day e-mail. it just so happened that i scored a lot of points! it always pays to be observant!!!!!
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Saturday, June 28, 2008
almost over
i am so glad that june is almost over. this has been quite the month with good and bad happening, most however was bad! here is how my month has gone:

1) made 3 house payments instead of 2 (i pay bi-weekly) $700
2) needed a plummer $95
3) needed my pool man $35
4) two trips to the doctor $189
5) one trip for blood work $168

the total cost of horrible things in june $1187. no wonder i'm broke!

one good thing that has happened is that i joined eharmony and i am corresponding with a very nice guy. the cost for this: priceless.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
the impossible
today i actually did the impossible. after a meeting about long term care a bunch of us went to olive garden for lunch and i didn't eat any bread! that's right, and any one who knows me knows how much a LOVE any kind of bread. I didn't even eat any pasta...i had a grilled chicken caesar salad...i must be sick!!!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
update #3
80 matches as of today. i don't mean to blow my own horn it is just that i find it so hard to believe that there are that many available men (near my age) living in las vegas (or close) that are not gay! last night i started the "open communication" phase with one man; a 47 year old who moved here just over a year ago. i am in the questioning phase with a couple more (in their 50"s). i am finding this all very exciting, what a wonderful way to get to know someone before doing the face to face thing. should we get to the date phase at least we know something about each other and therefore conversation should flow more easily.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008
update #2
ok, as of this morning, i am at a whopping 73 matches! yesterday was quite a thrill for me; one of the guys that i had sent an ice breaker to sent me his first 5 questions which i answered and sent him five back, by late yesterday he had answered my five and we were sending our lists of "must haves/can't stands". now it is time for another round of questions; three this time. since i don't want to rush into anything (!) or appear to be super lonely (!) i didn't answer last night (heck it was saturday night, i shouldn't have been home!). i figure i will send the next three in a couple of hours and then wait for him to respond. funny thing...he has been checking out my profile again. if nothing else, i do hope that we can become friends as he seems like a really nice guy.

in other news: i got a call last night from my best guy friend in california. i haven't spoken with steven in ages and have not seen him in like three or four years. he and his partner were living in san francisco, now they live in long beach. i am waiting for him to call again this morning so that we can do some catch up.

looking forward to a hot (109) but leisurely day by the pool with a bar-b-que tonight!
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Friday, June 20, 2008
update #1
i spent time this afternoon going through all of the matches sent to me by e-harmony. while i have yet to sign up i did send "ice breakers" to the picks of the litter!

************** it's 5:00pm and i couldn't wait any longer! i have had someone send an answer to my "ice breaker" so i joined at full price for 3 months (now i can see pictures and communicate). wish me luck!
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Thursday, June 19, 2008
this is one of the greatest things i have ever purchased. i ordered it in may and have used it three times already...2 times i made sugar free strawberry sorbet, and last night i made surgar free chocolate ice cream...YUM
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the decision has been made!
so after much thought and conversation, i have decided to fully join e-harmony. however, since jenny told me you can get three months for the price of one (a savings of over $50) i have decided to wait until they send me one of their "special offers" (jenny's did not work). in the mean time, the matches continue to pile up; the total as of today....51.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
gasoline gift cards
i opened up the rj today and on the front page of the nevada section is an article entitled, "brothel to offer gasoline gift cards". starting july 1st, the shady lady ranch (just north of beatty) will be handing out $50 gas cards to anyone who spends $300, if you spend $500 you get a $100 gift card. anything for a buck?
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Sunday, June 15, 2008
i'm still thinking!
the number of matches is now 31. kath called today and after a short discussion said i should just go for it. i just got done talking to jenny (a friend of kath's in cali who used e-hamony) and she said to go for it too. while i know it would be a wise and wonderful way to meet someone (not too easy at my age...they are either gay, married,alcoholics or simply cannot/will not commit) i am still hesitant. maybe i will just sleep on it for another day or two.
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Friday, June 13, 2008
the number of new matches in my e-mail this morning.

update: i now have a total of 19 matches, 12 of which i would like to communicate with (2 michael's, 2 rich's, 1 rick)...this is all so confusing! i have gone through everything, narrowed communication down to 5. now i need to decide if i really want to do this or not.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008
i have been thinking
i have started thinking that life is just too short and precious and that i should start having some fun. i dated the same man for a few years and always seemed to play be his rules, not any more. i want a relationship that is 50/50, i want to meet a man who values his time off, would like to stand in the kitchen cooking with me, jump in the pool at a moments notice, run away for a weekend, laugh, cry and just enjoy life. so...yesterday on a whim i completed a personality profile on e-harmony. this morning i looked at my e-mail and there were six matches sent to me! now i'm thinking, do i really want to do this? what do you say to someone when you first send an e-mail? do i really want to meet a retired cop? how awkward would a first face to face meeting actually be? am i really ready for something like this? how would i react if the person i want to meet doesn't want to meet me? how do i know that this person is not a rapist? or some other kind of freek? HELP!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
apparently my office phones are not working. this is according to the two guys from cox communications who showed up at my door just a little while ago. cox moved my office lines to my home on may 1st, it took about three weeks to get them working but they have been fine since then (knock on wood). out of the blue, these two guys show up "to repair" the lines and they have an order that says that "the business owner is irate because phones are not working". my reply was that i did not call in an order and that i have not been irate over the phones for almost three weeks! wtf? i am starting to feel as if i am losing my mind, therefore, if found please return ASAP.
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feeling like a hobo
hobo blogger that is! my life is so boring that i am not even blogging on a regular basis any more because there is nothing to blog about. how sad is that? as an example, yesterday was filled with going to the doctor, picking up prescriptions for me and then for the dog and then working for about five hours....BORING.
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Saturday, June 07, 2008
THE speech
hillary just finished giving her speech; it was not the one that i wrote! after getting to her destination more than 30 minutes late and after much fanfare, she finally got on stage and announced that everyone should back barack obama. hell, isn't that what kath and i have been saying for the last year and a half?

i must admit that i thought it was a good speech and it was nice to see her come back down to earth a bit, even though she mentioned her 18 million votes two times. hillary had "I" problems for a few minutes and then seemed to get back on track and spoke of the future and how the dems need to retake the oval office. she has vowed to help obama in any way, i guess we will just have to wait and see.
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new beginning
last night i went to hear a man give a presentation. this man is probably in this mid to late thirties, very nice looking, with a big fat wallet. up until 2 1/2 years ago, he was a waiter, and then he got involved in this. now he brings in $45K per month, gets $1500 a month for his car payment and $3,000 a month toward his house payment. i also hope to have that happen to me someday soon!
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Friday, June 06, 2008
hillary to concede
yep, we have all been hearing that she will concede, when? not until saturday. why, she needs to write a speech (or have one written). hell, i can do that..."thanks for all of your support, i quit, now go and back obama". gee, how hard was that?
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
ok, now she can go home and the party & history making can begin!!!
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