Wednesday, May 30, 2007
client's appreciation
this morning i had a seventyone year old male client walk into my office to make a payment
after driving acoss town. our conversation went like this:

client: good morning, boy do you look pretty
me: good morning and thank you very much. how are you today?
client: do you like butterflies?
me: of course i do, why?
client: i brought you one. a pretty lady should have a pretty butterfly.

note: this is a "genuine goldtone butterfly pin" direct from beverly hills! is that cute or what? it is so nice to have clients who appreciate me and the work that i do, even if they are in their seventies!
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Friday, May 25, 2007
new look
i hope that anyone who stops by likes the new look. i told kath yesterday that if i knew how to customize or change my blog i would be doing it all of the time just to have a change. so she asked my what i wanted. since all i can seem to think about is going to jamaica, i told her i wanted something beachy...guess what i got. I LOVE IT!!!!
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Thursday, May 24, 2007
this is THE coolest thing ever
last night my sweetie and i met some friends for dinner at chicago joes and then we went here. we went outside and walked all around, it was about 78 degrees, one of the local radio stations was there to supply music (mostly 80's and 90's), people were dancing, swimming, drinking and just having a great time. if you have not seen this you have just got to go because it is truly awesome. afterwards we went inside and had desert here. they have THE best tiramisu i have ever eaten.
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it finally arrived in the mail yesterday. i have waited 3 months and 1 day, but now all i have to do is pack!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
PLEASE people
if you move, whether it is down the street, across town or out of state, PLEASE telll your insurance advisor. we are NOT mind readers!
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Monday, May 14, 2007
confidential to kath
thank you for a fabulous mother's day. between the card, roses, lunch and "because i said so" it was a wonderful day. it is daughters like you that make being a mom such a terrific experience. i love you.
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Friday, May 11, 2007
from my girl, again
when i was younger, my aunt francie would always send flowers to my mom on her birthday. when mom died, the flowers were sent to me. when aunt francie died, kathryn took over the job. so this morning, my beautiful girl showed up at my office with these. thanks honey, i love you!

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on this date
on this date in 1914 a wonderful woman was born; my mother. i refer to her as a wonderful woman because she was strong, loving, smart and a little hard headed. she was married and had two children by the time she was 17, delivered me at the age of 43, lost her soul mate and one true love when she was 54 (i was not quite 11 at that time). she taught me right from wrong, how to fix things around the house, how to cook, how to listen and how to love. everyone who ever met my mother liked her and my mother liked everyone she met. my mother taught me that "there is good in everyone, you just have to dig really deep in some people", she also taught me that you can do anything you want in life if you want it bad enough and apply yourself, she taught me to be independant. my mother loved her family (especially the youngest grandchild who she spoiled as much as she could). my mother was the greatest woman i have ever known. happy birthday mom!
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Thursday, May 03, 2007
i just got the notification that i passed my class! i have been quite nervous about getting the results just because i am not that great of a student anymore and i did not "read" the book. i was so nervous when i saw the envelope that i actually held my breath while opening it. now i can consider taking the next class?!?
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