Thursday, November 30, 2006
call ripley
for the first time ever i am done with my christmas shopping before the middle of december! i finished it last night when i made two quick stops on the way home. so now the question is....what am i going to do for the next 3 1/2 weeks? one thing, will be to put up my miniature christmas tree (about 3 feet tall) since i haven't bothered to decorate at all in several years unless you count putting a wreath on the front door. gee, maybe i can take more than two weeks to do all of my holiday baking since i now bake for humans and canines!

here is another first...i didn't get into the office until 10 this morning because i decided that it was just too damned cold to leave the house. when i finally got out of bed this morning at 6:30 it was 27 degrees at my house. i decided right then and there that i would not leave home until it was at least 36 and i didn't!
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
the long, long blog!
so i haven't blogged in a week or so, i've been busy! last wednesday afternoon my new couch was delivered and it is BEAUTIFUL! i keep telling myself that i should take a pic and post it but that just takes too much energy. wednesday night was for doing laundry and cooking the turkey's giblets for the dogs.

thursday morning it was time to cook the bird and side dishes (18.33 lbs of bird for kathryn and i). this year i decided to stuff the bird with oranges, lemons and thyme; it was good. kathryn suggested stove top since it was only going to be two of us eating so i jazzed it up a bit by sauteeing some onion, apple and thyme and then adding it to the cooked stove top and then crisping it all up in the oven. it turned out to be a great idea and i will try to remember it for next year. i didn't have to cook again until last night and that's only because i put the rest of the leftover turkey in the freezer so that i could make turkey pot pies in a couple of weeks!

friday, saturday and sunday were for shopping; i was on a mission to find a new outfit for this years christmas party. by the time i found an outfit i had almost completed my christmas shopping, not a bad deal at all and everyone should end up being pretty damn happy :).

the worst thing about a long holiday weekend is coming back to work on monday and spending the entire day playing catch up. i managed to run out and bring back a sandwich only to have it sit for over an hour before i had time to eat it (i finally got to eat a little after 2:00). it was an exhausting day and today will be also; i have a "goal setting" meeting with my regional manager at 1:00 today. this is an annual meeting where we both sit and bullshit each other about how damn wonderful this year was and how great next year will be. i hand him a six page form (partially completed) with my goals, strengths, weeknesses and a bunch of other bullshit, he looks it over (pretending to be interested) and then asks, "is there anything i can do to help you?" to which i reply, "no thanks", we shake hands and all is over until next year.
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Monday, November 20, 2006
saturday's b-day party

saturday night was deb's big b-day bash. since she is a huge fan of johnny depp and she LOVES pirates, she and her husband decided that the party would have a pirate theme and that all of those attending should dress the part. the one pic of me with my big and wild hair did not turn out but i did get a few good shots of deb and her guests.
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Friday, November 17, 2006
i can't read your minds
i know that today is the 17th of november but my day is going like it is friday the 13th! this morning i got a call that went like this:

me: good morning, american national, this is dede, how may i help you?
woman: this is angela, how much insurance do i carry?
me: what is the last name on the account?
woman: mine
me: angela, what is your last name?
woman: oh, qi
me: what policy are you calling about?
woman: mine
me: auto, home or life?
woman: auto, how much insurance do i carry?

just a couple of minutes ago i got a call from another client wanting to know why someone in our springfield missouri office had not returned his call. after being asked several times i finally said that the guy was probably out sick. ugh
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
hick town, part II
it passed!!!! english is now the "official language" of pahrump, nevada. the measure passed the city council's vote 3 to 2.
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all i can say is thank God for brother-in-laws. i needed some long hair for a party i am attending this weekend (need to dress as a pirate/wench), went to see frank (aka miss frankie) borrowed a long ,curly, brunette wig. will post pics next week. as pay back for the borrow, i have been asked to "vote for miss frankie for empress 9 on 11/26/06 at the center".
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
hick town
everybody who knows anything about pahrump nevada laughs because it is such a small hick town. the town consists of one main road (highway 160) with two stop lights, most of the homes are "trailers", not many of the residents are well educated, and because it is in a seperate county from las vegas, they have whore houses. these are the reasons why i find this ball busting so funny, only a small town would ever dare to do something like this.
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Monday, November 13, 2006
i am woman
everytime i think about me having more tools than the man i am dating i have to laugh, so this weekend i bought (as part of his christmas) a 95 piece tool set (hammer, measuring tape, vice grips, screw drivers, full ratchet set, etc.). at the same time, i bought myself a 12 volt drill with two batteries. while his 95 piece tool set may make him the front runner with the number of tools, i will still be king for i can drill!
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Thursday, November 09, 2006
another three days off
yay! another three day weekend! I was going to spend tomorrow searching for a couch to replace the one that i just told rc willey to forget but now i have three full days to do something more relaxing. why/how? i took a couple of hours for "lunch" and went to three stores on rainbow...found the perfect sectional in store # 3 (sofa factory 2000). they even guaranteed the materials i wanted with a delivery by thangsgiving! and the best news? cheaper than rc willey. now i just need a coffee table and i may have found that too, just want to look at one more store before i order it! have agreat weekend everyone :)
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Monday, November 06, 2006
lousy saturday
i thought that i was going to be able to post pics of my new sectional on todays blog...NOT. when they came to deliver my "special order" on saturday, one of the three pieces was a wrong piece. apparently some jackass in the rc wiley store decided to cancel my special order and just send out a regular couch piece. i was pissed and the delivery guys were REALLY pissed when i rejected the entire order. i called my sales man and came really close to jumping through the phone. it was bad enough that late friday evening the store left me a message that my coffee table would not be delivered because it had been damaged in transport. UGH, what is it with me and my lack of luck with furniture? i just went through this one year ago! i am supposed to hear today just how long it will be until i can get my furniture. at this point, if i can't get it by thanksgiving, the damn store can just refund my money.
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
only in the us of a
where else would something like this ever happen?
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halloween was FUN
so i picked up some chineese food on the way home and jerome came over to help me hand out candy to all of the little monsters in my neighborhood. we had 1 penguin, superman (x3), batman (x2), prinesses (x3), scooby doo, a pumpkin, and many misc other costumes. jerome rushed to the door everytime he heard foot steps, he just loves kids and he is great with them too; it's really a shame that he never had kids of his own. my girlfriend melody and her husband doug brought there 3 kids over so that "auntie dede could see their costumes"! it was one wonderful time.
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