Tuesday, March 31, 2009
the vet,, again
i had an appointment set to take banjo back to the vet tomorrow afternoon for a recheck of blood and urine. he has been on the phenobarbitol for three weeks and has only had two minor seizures. instead i got to take him this morning. while he walks up the stairs i bought him to get on the bed he insists on jumping down and this morning he injured his left arm. i called the vet and the first available appointment was at 2pm today. after watching him closely and seeing that he was indeed in pain i called the vet's office back and they told me i could come in and wait but they couldn't guarantee when the doctor could see us. i walked into the office just beofre 9am and within a few minutes was called to go into an exam room. after examination the doctor said that he would x-ray banjo's arm, give him something for the pain and do the necessary lab work that would have been done tomorrow, i am to return at 11:15 for x-ray results. i almost have to laugh at myself since i spend more time at the vet than i ever did at the pediatrition!

*update: no broken bones! sprained the left shoulder and elbow. $322.82 later (including a very expensive pain med), he is back at home. at least now he is limping instead of looking at me as if to say pick me up!
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Thursday, March 26, 2009
on feb 9th i blogged about a client/friend who almost died from a nut allergy, after being in icu for days she was sent home but had no voice because her vocal cords were damaged when the doctors in the er inserted the intubation tube. yesterday afternoon my phone rang and it was daisy...her voice is back! the doctors had been telling her that it might come back eventually and in the middle of dinner one night this week it did. i was starting to think that i would never hear her voice again. she sounded so wonderful that i just wanted her to keep on talking!
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
our president is the coolest!
i haven't had a chance to read the white house blog in a while so i thought i would take a look today and this is what happened today. the fact that we now have a president with a heart who truly cares about others just fills me with joy and pride. gb would never have done anything like this for any children let alone sick ones. and then inviting middle school students in with him when he called the space station... our new president rocks!
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Thursday, March 19, 2009
tax, tax, tax
this will certainly piss off all of those AIG bigwigs who just got huge bonuses not to mention those who got bonuses that don't even work there anymore. i am starting to feel better now!
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11 today

today is my oldest boys 11th birthday. happy birthday banjo!
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Monday, March 16, 2009
he must have heard me scream!
i heard about the AIG bonuses last night on the news and then saw bernanke on 60 minutes. i can honestly say that i was screaming at the tv, i can't quite remember the last time that i was that mad. so, was it me that the president heard? read this. the crap that AIG is pulling is rediculous, take millions in bailout $ and then give it to the executives that caused the problems in the first place. if anything, the executives should be taking a pay decrease.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009
ticked off
this is such bullshit. every single year we take a rate increase and then this is reported today. with so many people out of work or having their hours cut back, not to mention the elderly that have nothing but social security and this guy adds CEO to the back of his name and makes millions off of us. will it never end? make me the CEO of a company and watch me NOT take a huge raise in salary. by the way, how will he ever survive not getting a salary increase next year. bastard.
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the vet, part III
so after tracking my little guys seizures for a week, he was started on phenobarbital yesterday evening. the hope is that by taking the pills twice daily the seizures will stop or at least slow down. if it works it will be back to the vet in 3 weeks for a re-check of blood and urine since this drug can harm the heart, liver, and just about every other vital organ in a body. so now my dog is a druggie...i never knew that this drug is a barbiturate, but them again if it works without doing any harm to his already old and tattered insides i will continue to hand them out.
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Wednesday, March 04, 2009
the vet, part II
just got a call from the vet's office telling me that all of the lab work done on my little guy came back looking good. so now i am left with just tracking seizures and watching him closely. he may need to be put on meds if he has any more seizures.
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Tuesday, March 03, 2009
the vet
i had to take my oldest little guy to the vet yesterday (kath's request), he had a seizure thursday night. the vet took x-rays to check his heart, liver, etc., blood and urine. the x-rays were fine, all they showed was arthritis in this hips and spine which we already knew about. the blood work showed that he is not diabetic (his glucose level was beter than mine!) although his white count was a little low. we should have the results of the urine sometime today (the vet wants to make sure that his enzyme level is ok because he is on a urinary med and blood pressure meds). i have to log his seizures. all i can say is thank you to kath for telling me about care credit because his bill so far is just over $300.
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Monday, March 02, 2009
happy belated birthday to my niece christy (saturday) and her brother tim (sunday).
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