Monday, February 07, 2005
Wow how time flies
It's been days since I blogged last, I have been so busy that there just has not been any available time. Last week was filled with seminars and some very important appointments with a couple of "big fish". Big fish is what we call a client who either owns his own company or is far up the corporate ladder; these people usually have alot of money to invest in tax free retirement vehicles which I just happen to sell! All 5 days were very long and exhausting but that is a good thing.

The weekend was for relaxing, and thanks to Kath I saw two great movies...Ray and Shall We Dance. Watching Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez floating across the floor made me want to run out and sign up for dance lessons! Maybe I will put that on my to do list for later this year.
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  • At 11:34 AM, Blogger Kat said…

    yes you must come barn dancing with us. also, there is an arthur murray across the street from my house, and with a coupon from the web site you get a free lesson. i bet you could find a partner....

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