Wednesday, July 30, 2008
total update!
things have been a bit crazy in my life the last few days. i'll start with friday night when i went down to texas station ( a local casino) to listen to some live music. i went by myself because it is a local place with plenty of security. the band sucked; most of it's members were old enough to be my father, and the music truly was not that great. when i went to leave, i met a very nice man, we spoke for a couple of minutes and then i left. saturday night tracy and i went to the orleans (another semi-local casino) where i saw the same security guard that had caught my eye a couple of weeks prior. i sucked up my pride, went over to introduce myself, and low and behold he called me on sunday afternoon. we should be getting together one evening this week for drinks. sunday night was man free for me as i went to my friend susan's for dinner, got to visit with her, husband joe and the two dogs (willie and caesar). this morning i received an e-mail from a man that i have been corresponding with on e-Harmony...his e-mails have been few and far apart but as he explained in todays e-mail he has been house hunting. anyway, he wants to meet for lunch this weekend. needless to say i am quite excited!

so what has changed since i turned 51 that men are starting to notice me? tracy and i talked about this saturday night. could it be that i am finally comfortable enough with myself that i have more confidence and really put myself "out there"? is it that i am just starting to really enjoy life and what it has to offer? i still don't really know what it is but i sure am glad to be in this position!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • At 5:00 PM, Blogger Jenny said…

    I'm impressed that you went and introduced yourself to that security guard!

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